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The success of an incentive trip, meeting, or other business event depends on the performance of a somewhat vast array of unrelated suppliers, including airlines, hotels, ground transportation companies, restaurants, audiovisual suppliers, entertainers, activity venues etc. While the best possible effort can be made to identify and select the most reputable vendors when putting together a program, dealing with so many of them on-site and overseeing their satisfactory performance requires a considerable amount of time and attention to detail. It can be inefficient, distracting and time-consuming for the event's host to have to do this.

For this reason, we offer you on-site management of your meeting, event or incentive trip by our own management team. This means that you have professional representation on hand dedicated to assuring that your program proceeds as planned and to take care of any last minute changes or special arrangements that might need to be made. And by having the Schron Associates team on site, you are free to attend to the business of your meeting or to spend quality time with your delegates and guests.

Please note that, in an effort to cut costs, many hotels and other venues have reduced headcount, particularly when it comes to staff dedicated to servicing the rather seasonal and cyclical corporate events business. Some positions have been eliminated entirely; we recently stayed on the "concierge floor" at an outlet of a major hotel chain where, it was explained to us, there hasn't actually been a concierge for a couple of years. This downsizing trend means that your in-house "event coordinator" may in fact be handling several other groups at the same time, and possibly even unrelated other job functions. If he or she is attending to other groups when you need assistance, or doing something else entirely, you aren't getting the service you likely expected. But when you have us on site, you can be sure that someone is looking out for your interests, and your interests alone. While standards of service vary widely between different venues, you can count on us to deliver our best in any venue. We work behind the scenes, and with the venue's staff, to make sure you get the priority attention that you deserve.

Unlike at some of our competitors, our on-site services are not provided by an unsophisticated tour escort but by our own management team, which means that you are not just working with a travel professional, you're working with a business professional as well. He or she will be knowledgeable not only about your travel and event arrangements, but also about your organization and the purpose of your event.

Because of our reputation for excellent service and attention to detail, almost all our clients opt for our on-site management of their programs. See what they've said about us in our mailbag...

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