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In today's environment, it's not always easy for businesses to motivate and retain their most talented associates. We believe travel is the best incentive reward because, as with cash, the prospect of earning a place on a customized trip to an exciting destination greatly motivates people. But, unlike cash, an incentive trip's value is not quickly spent and forgotten. In fact, studies have shown that travel is the single most popular non-cash incentive reward, and that a travel incentive program can increase sales productivity by as much as 20%.

Performance improvement is not the only return on investment in an incentive travel program. When well-planned and tailored to the client's needs, group incentive travel can educate, improve morale, build team spirit, increase loyalty and provide quality time for management to network with top performers. At Schron Associates, we realize that it's not really about booking some airline tickets and making hotel reservations, but about creating a valuable teambuilding and social exercise that can help our clients motivate and retain their best employees and clients. We provide not just a trip, but a customized experience with opportunities for participants to interact and share ideas with each other at private functions and unique events throughout the program. While we can organize incentive trips of any type and size, we particularly specialize in employee appreciation and client loyalty trips of under 100 guests that require a high touch, personal approach.

We have decades of experience in incentive travel not only within the U.S., but also to international destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and on cruises. Naturally, we have a detailed knowledge of incentive options in our hometown, New York City. We can also arrange incentive trips linked to larger exhibitions, business education programs, and sporting or entertainment events, as well as thematic incentives. While we are happy to arrange unescorted programs, our reputation over the last 25 years has been built largely on our personal on-site management and oversight of incentive trips, based on our high standard of client care. Read more about this in on-site services. Also, check out the recent programs and sample programs pages to see what we can do for you.

In addition to arranging all aspects of incentive travel itself, we offer clients assistance in designing incentive program criteria so that participants achieve the business objectives desired. After all, the ultimate goal of any incentive program is to generate qualitative or quantitative results. While the goal of most programs is to increase overall volume, we can also help you create a program that targets improving market share, raising customer satisfaction, reducing employee turnover, etc.

Below are some thoughts to consider when deciding if a custom-tailored employee or client group incentive travel program is right for your business.

Why Group Incentive Travel?

We are often asked why we think a customized group incentive trip produces a better return on investment than giving away individual trips or travel gift certificates to incentive program winners. Here are some of the benefits of group incentive travel:

1). Sponsoring a customized group program establishes and promotes your corporate identity. To the participants, it's a reward for their hard work or loyalty, something they earned, and a customized group program gives you the opportunity to remind them how much you value their contribution to your business. It's not a generic travel package that anyone could purchase online, but a unique, branded experience that would not be available to the general public. The entertainment, the activities, in fact just about everything can be customized to reflect your corporate culture and promote your organizational goals.

2). Bringing your people together in an exciting, enjoyable venue builds relationships, and relationships drive business. Interaction is promoted between participants and the host company, as well as between the participants themselves and their spouses or guests. Ideas are exchanged, friendships are made, confidence is built, etc.

3). For a private group, very special arrangements can be made that are simply not available for individuals, or at least wouldn't be cost-effective for them. For example, you can sponsor your own golf tournament, or perhaps have your awards dinner in a unique venue that is open just for you that night. In the end, your people will feel more valued, and that means increased loyalty to you.

4). Group pricing often means lower cost per person. Negotiated group rates are available for airfares, accommodations, cruises, ground transportation, activities, etc.

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