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Cruises are an excellent value for business events, but they aren't appropriate for all business events.

As a leisure travel product, a cruise may not comply with your corporate governance considerations.

We'll work with you to determine if and how a cruise is suitable, and if not, help you develop an alternative program.

If you are considering Europe for your trip or event, but are put off by the unfavorable exchange rates, cruises are a cost-effective option. Lodging, meals, transportation and many activities are included and priced in U.S. dollars. So just add water - and airfare!

Don't Miss the Boat...

Since we started our business over 25 years ago, Schron Associates has arranged many cruises for incentive groups, affinity groups, and even corporate meetings at sea, to destinations like Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe, and working with major cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Costa, and Princess. We are based less than two miles from the New York City Passenger Ship Terminal, so we are often invited to inspect the newest ships in person.

Cruises represent an excellent value among travel options, especially for groups, and the structure of a cruise program provides many opportunities for your people to spend quality time together in a relaxed and casual environment. As a company with years of experience in planning meetings, incentives, and affinity group travel aboard cruise ships - and as a member of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) - we can help you decide whether or not a cruise is appropriate for your program, and if so, help you select a ship and itinerary that meet your needs, arrange private functions for your group and oversee its special handling aboard ship.

The all-inclusive nature of cruising allows your budget to go further than it might on land, and for corporate groups, many cruise ships now offer private, state-of-the-art conference facilities. In addition to the typical week-long sailings, a variety of shorter cruises are available that meet the needs of those wishing to have a program of less than seven nights. For a truly special event, we can even arrange a full ship charter!

...but Don't Get Lost at Sea!

While we are happy to offer unescorted cruise programs, our reputation over the last 25 years has been built largely on our customization and on-site management and oversight of meetings, events and incentive trips, including those at sea. Today's spectacular cruise ships can carry thousands of guests and feed, lodge and entertain them with incredible efficiency. But with so many others onboard, a corporate or affinity group of even hundreds of people can feel a bit lost at sea.

Not so long ago, a group of 300 would take up half of the average ship, and get the undivided attention of the cruise staff, perhaps even special recognition from the Captain himself. This was the typical situation over 20 years ago when our founder first became a CLIA Certified Cruise Counsellor. Today, a group of that size represents less than 10% of the capacity of the larger vessels in the market. A group of 50 may barely even show up on the radar screen, especially considering that the ship's group coordinators may also be wearing several other hats, as assistant purser, cruise director, activities organizer, shore excursion staff, etc. When you have Schron Associates onboard, you can be sure someone is looking out for your group and your group alone, working with the ship's staff to make sure you get the attention you deserve and the customized program we developed with you.

Don't get lost at sea: Your group may be small to the cruise line, but it's big to us!

If you are interested in planning a meeting or incentive at sea, or an affinity group cruise, contact us at


Cruising Fun Fact: The largest cruise ship passenger port outside of Florida is New York City, Schron Associates' hometown (or should we say homeport?)... Why not combine a relaxing cruise incentive or meeting with an exciting stay in the Big Apple?

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