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There's no substitute for the human contact and exchange of ideas fostered by a real-life meeting or conference in a comfortable and conducive environment. A properly-planned meeting or event can be transformational in a way that a conference call or a web chat just can't. Live events can change someone's mindset or outlook because, after all, people are more likely to trust (and do business with) people they have actually met in person - not just talking heads they have watched on a screen or voices they have heard out of a box. While the benefits of live meetings should be obvious, we realize that today's economic realities dictate that your organization may not find it cost-effective to employ professional meeting or event planners, and even if it does, they may often require some specialized outside assistance. That's why we're here to help. Our experienced planners can free up your team to do whatever it does best.

We can handle all aspects of a meeting or business event, including site selection, participant registration, organizing transportation, developing agendas, arranging guest speakers, facilitation or entertainment, planning food & beverage functions, audiovisual, etc. All, of course, to your specifications and within your budget. We particularly specialize in management retreats, business study tours and other such events of around 100 guests or less that require a high touch, personal approach. Our expertise includes meetings linked to larger business exhibitions and sporting or entertainment events, thematic meetings, meetings on cruise ships and, of course, meetings and other business events here in our hometown of New York City.

For clients that have a shorter time frame to work with, we also plan and manage one-day events such as board or investor meetings, educational seminars, awards dinners, grand openings of new facilities, new product introductions, and corporate holiday parties as well.

In addition to meetings and events, we have decades of experience arranging business educational trips, taking groups of a company's staff or their distributors or retailers to explore new markets, or visit manufacturing plants or other types of industrial or service facilities around the world. As business becomes increasingly global, we believe it is increasingly important for managers to understand where their products and services are coming from or going to, both in a logistic and cultural sense. This concept is part of our own corporate heritage, as our founders first planned and escorted overseas factory visits decades before globalization and global sourcing became the predominant business trends they are today. Over the years, we have taken groups to all kinds of facilities, ranging from manufacturing plants and engineering labs to shipping ports and distribution centers. We believe the services and assistance that companies require in connection with this type of "business tourism" are not available from traditional travel agents, meeting planners, or incentive houses. At Schron Associates, we have the knowledge of international business, global logistics, and cultural sensitivity to make these events successful.

Whatever the size, venue or length of your event, our management team will personally attend to it, so you can deal with the business of the meeting, not running it. While we are happy to organize unescorted programs, our reputation over the last 25 years has been built largely on our on-site management and oversight of such events, based on our high standard of client care. Read more about this in on-site services. Please also visit the recent programs and sample programs pages to see what we've done and what we can do for you.

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